• Watch Just Like Other Animals, the programme on the origin of people
  • Viral marketing campaign by Novocortex - World Championship Jala Neti
  • Learn how the Endless Racing game for iPhone got over 1 million downloads
  • See guerrilla marketing tactics at work in the Scratches on Your Car campaign made by Novocortex


Digital content creators

  • Novocortex

    3 December

    We always wanted to make a short film about social media - how they create a virtual reality that feels more real than the real life. Meet LIKES - a big, meaningful, powerful and engaging film about Facebook. All you need is LIKES! → Read more


  • Novocortex

    11 October

    Digital campaigns, games and virals created by Novocortex regularly catch attention of international media. Some of our creations even made it to a marketing study book for Dutch universities, and the Guinness World Records Book. → Read more

    Novocortex in international media

  • Novocortex

    26 August

    Novocortex produced video series Just Like Other Animals (Все как у зверей). Just Like Other Animals tells stories about the origin of people, written and presented by Evgeniya Timonova, biologist by education and writer by chance. Watch our most popular video "How to rule the world using altruism, patriotism and other animal instincts" → Read more

    Just Like Other Animals (Все как у зверей)

  • Novocortex

    4 July

    JGL Croatia asked Novocortex to do a brand activation campaign for their Aqua Maris brand in Russia. The campaign had two main messages: Aqua Maris is the only nasal spray in Russia made of the Adriatic seawater, and Aqua Maris is made by experts after decades of reseach on health benefits of seawater. We decided that the Aqua Maris story should be told in Croatia by a person who uses and really likes the brand. To find the brand ambassador for Aqua Maris, we organized the Best Job In Russia contest in social media. → Read more

    Social media marketing - The Best Job In Russia

  • Novocortex

    28 May

    The main advantage of the Digital Strategy Audit by Novocortex is that you get tangible results. Higher brand awareness, more visitors to your site, higher conversion from visitors to buyers. The Audit delivers results because we have worked both on the client and agency side. And because we have over 10 years of digital marketing experience and 20 years in offline & online marketing. → Read more


  • Novocortex

    24 March

    Our objective was to launch a nose cleansing set of Aqua Maris in Russia. Aqua Maris is a nasal spray brand. Novocortex decided to create a new sport – Competitive Nose Cleansing, sponsored by Aqua Maris. We established an international federation in Lausanne and organized the World Championship Jala Neti in Amsterdam. Live coverage of the 5 litre final generated over 1.000.000 views on YouTube. → Read more

    Viral campaign for Aqua Maris in Russia - World Championship Nose Cleansing

  • Novocortex

    19 February

    VV Car Insurance repays the purchase price of your car in case of an accident. So you can buy the same car and keep driving. To illustrate that, Novocortex developed the Endless Racing Game for iPhone. It's the first racing game, where game action moves from iPhone to iPhone. The Endless Racing Game got over 1 million downloads in the AppStore, and achieved the 1st place in the Racing Games category in 37 countries.  → Read more

    Mobile marketing campaign by Novocortex Endless Racing Game for iPhone

  • Novocortex

    19 February

    Big Apes Love Blondes for iPhone explores the unexplained love of big apes (and men) towards blondes. You can become a great ape in the game by catching runaway blondes and protecting them from savage enemies. You need to use both your brain and testosterone to keep as many blondes in your nest as possible. If you lose 3 blondes, the game is over. → Read more


  • Novocortex

    19 February

    Novocortex used guerrilla marketing tactics to build brand awareness for a car insurance of VrijVerzekerd. We placed removable stickers with scratches on expensive cars. Then, we filmed reactions of car owners with a hidden camera, put the video on YouTube and invited blog readers to test the stickers on their friends. → Read more

    Guerrilla marketing campaign for a car insurance Scratches On Your Car - removable stickers


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