About us

Novocortex develops successful digital strategies for big brands and brands that want to become big, and creates digital content that people want to watch and share. We produced the YouTube channel Just Like Other Animals with 120.000 subscribers, the Endless Racing Game with 1 million downloads, the World Championship Nose Cleansing viral with 1 million views, the big, meaningful and powerful short film about social media LIKES, the guerrilla marketing campaign Scratches on Your Car and much more.

Novocortex - digital marketing agency from Holland

01 We all need novocortex

Key people of NovocortexThe company name Novocortex is derived from ‘neocortex‘, the most complex part of the human brain. We all need neocortex to create art, think logically, make realistic plans and understand human emotions. See how we used our neocortex to create engaging digital content for our clients, or discuss your ideas with Serge Fenenko in the Netherlands and Nadia Zelenkova in Russia.

02 Our favourite brands

Novocortex works with big brands and brands that want to become bigSince Novocortex was founded in 2005 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we have worked with Rabobank Netherlands, Mitsubishi Europe & Turkey, Yamaha Europe & Russia, Yota Mobile, Interpolis Insurance Netherlands, Intouch Insurance Russia (part of Royal Sun Alliance), Independent Media Russia, Sanoma International, Bank of Moscow, Jadran Galenski Laboratorij Croatia & Russia, Alstom Power Switzerland, PSBank, Anywayanyday, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and others.

03 Media about Novocortex

International media about NovocortexGetting attention of big international media is hard, but some of our campaigns, games and virals managed to get coverage in TechCrunch, the Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, Engadget etc. The Endless Racing Game even made it to the Guinness World Records Book, and Scratches on Your Car was featured in marketing study books for universities. Read articles about our work published in international media, from USA to Japan.

04 Awards won by Novocortex

Festival awards won by NovocortexNovocortex won about two dozens of awards on international advertising festivals, including Webby Awards, W3 and Creativity Awards in the US, SpinAwards in Holland, Golden Drum in Slovenia, Golden Award of Montreux in Switzerland, Golden Hammer in Latvia, KIAF, Red Apple in Russia etc. We received the YouTube Silver Creator Award for reaching 100.000 subscribers for the Just Like Other Animals channel. Short films produced by Novocortex were screened by film festivals in London, Geneva, Paris, Cannes etc.