Novocortex is a Dutch agency delivering digital marketing solutions that work. Worldwide. We are good at two things: creating digital content for your brands and digital strategy development & implementation. Novocortex was founded in 2005 and works in Western and Eastern Europe. Our headquarters are in Utrecht, Holland. And we have a team in Moscow, Russia.

Novocortex - digital marketing agency from Holland

01 Clients and awards of Novocortex

Novocortex developed the digital strategy and created digital campaigns for Rabobank Netherlands, Mitsubishi Europe & Turkey, Yamaha Europe & Russia, Yota Mobile, Interpolis Insurance Netherlands, Intouch Insurance Russia (Royal Sun Alliance), Independent Media Russia, Sanoma International, Bank of Moscow, Jadran Galenski Laboratorij Croatia & Russia, Alstom Power Switzerland, PSBank, Anywayanyday.com and others. We won about two dozens of awards on international advertising festivals, including Webby Awards, W3 and Creativity Awards in the US, SpinAwards in Holland, Golden Drum in Slovenia, Golden Award of Montreux in Switzerland, Golden Hammer in Latvia, KIAF and Red Apple in Russia.

02 The way Novocortex works

Key people of NovocortexNovocortex believes in the network economy, where “products and services are created through social networks” of professionals. To reduce costs and increase quality of our work, we have built a network of partners who are great at programming iPhone games or producing viral videos. That’s why Novocortex is able to deliver any types of digital content – from virals and mobile apps to web series, short films and TV commercials. Novocortex doesn’t have account managers. We have 3 teams: 1) a strategy team responsible for marketing strategy development; 2) digital & video producers working directly with our clients to implement their strategy; 3) digital designers and programmers. See examples of marketing campaigns by Novocortex or contact Serge Fenenko in the Netherlands or Nadia Zelenkova in Russia.

03 We need some novocortex to make creative and effective campaigns

Novocortex is derived from neocortex - the most complex part of the human brainOur company name is derived from the word ‘neocortex‘, the most complex part of the human brain. We all need neocortex to create art, think logically, make plans and understand emotions. See how we have used our neocortex to create effective digital campaigns and win international creativity awards. By the way, the image of a space traveller exploring the human brain, comes from our very first website. We still love space – background images of our current site are based on photos taken by the Hubble telescope.

International media about Novocortex

International media about NovocortexDigital campaigns, games and virals created by Novocortex regularly catch attention of the international press. Some of our creations even made it to study books for Dutch universities and the Guinness World Records Book. Read articles about Novocortex and our work published in international media, from USA to Japan.


Google is God of the internet and we regularly worship Him

Google is God of the internet Following the Google’s commandments helps a lot to make your online campaign successful. That’s why we have a couple of Google evangelists at Novocortex who are proud to be called the AdWords Certified Professional by the mighty Google. These very qualified people can make sure that your prayers will be heard by Google. So that Google will raise your web pages from the dead or give your ads eternal life on His heavenly first page.

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