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Birdy Jr., a short film about loss

How do you tell your 6 years old child that you are going to die? Ask Birdy.

A scene from the short film Birdy Jr.

Cast and crew

Cast: Emile Gabriel, Serge Fenenko
Writer: Artem Golikov
Cinematographer: Misha Kashkan
Music: Brian Salter
Special thanks to: Gary Beglin, Hospital Distrital de Lagos and Paula Braga
Director: Serge Fenenko
Production: Novocortex (Netherlands-Portugal)

Trivia and awards

The short film Birdy Jr. is based on a story created by the Russian writer Artem Golikov and called “Гусь” (a goose).
All scenes with the child were shot in just one take to capture his real emotions.
Birdy Jr. had its premiere on the Independent Days 16 festival in Karlsruhe, Germany, where it was voted in the Top 10 by the audience. Official selections: Nottingham International Microfilm Festival in England, XIV CinePobre Film Festival in Mexico, VI Farcume Festival in Portugal, 33 Tehran International Short Film Festival in Iran.

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