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Yes, Novocortex sells drugs in Eastern Europe – internet marketing campaigns for OTC medicines

When you call a company Novocortex, you know that you will end up selling drugs:-) This is exactly what we do in Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and other countries of Eastern Europe – internet campaigns for non-prescription (Over-The-Counter) medicines. We can recommend a couple of drugs we’ve tested on ourselves: the motion sickness pill Dramina or the revolutionary probiotic for feminine health Vagilac.

Internet marketing campaigns for OTC drugs in Russia, Eastern Europe

01 Internet marketing campaign for Dramina

The main objective of our campaign for the motion sickness pill Dramina was branding. Novocortex created a brand story for Dramina. Dramina contains Dimenhydrinate discovered in the US in 1949. Its ability to prevent motion sickness was tested on American soldiers on a trip from New York to Bremerhaven in Germany. During this very rough trip across the Atlantic Ocean, only 2% of the soldiers who got Dramina were seasick. On February 14, 1949 the New York Times published an article titled “Cure Is Reported For Seasickness”. The newspaper was very excited to tell the “dramatic story of how seasickness, which has put its stamp of wretchedness on countless ocean travellers, found its master” in Dramina. It’s hard to understand this excitement nowadays, but in the 1940th boats were the only transport means connecting countries and continents. And seasickness was the major problem of many travellers. In the 21st century motion sickness is a still a problem for about 50% of children aged 2-12 and over 5% of adults. And Dramina has become the market leader in Russia in the motion sickness pills segment.

Digital campaign for the OTC drug Dramina in Russia

02 Internet marketing campaign for Vagilac

Novocortex was asked by JGL Russia to increase brand awareness and sales of Vagilac in Russia and Ukraine. Vagilac is the revolutionary probiotic for women’s health discovered by Canadian scientists in 1980th. Vagilac contains probiotic strains of bacteria that reduce risks of vaginal infections, such as candida and bacterial vaginosis. Russian and Ukrainian women are not used to discuss their feminine health problems in public. That’s why our campaign had the tagline “Vagilac stops discomfort, you are uncomfortable to talk about”. First of all, we created an online communication platform (together with Red Graphic), where women could read articles about the feminine health problems and vaginal infections, modern treatment methods and clinical studies of probiotic stains contained in Vagilac. On, women could ask any questions to a very experienced gynecologist in a discrete way. To draw attention to Vagilac, we combined online and offline marketing instruments, from search ads and articles in the Russian press to ads on a reverse side of medical cards given to pregnant women (who often suffer from vaginal imbalance). The unaided brand awareness of Vagilac in Russia grew by 4 times since 2010, the sales of Vagilac in Russia doubled.

Internet marketing campaign for Vagilac in Russia and Ukraine

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