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Guerrilla marketing campaign Scratches On Your Car for a car insurance

Novocortex used guerrilla marketing tactics to build brand awareness for VrijVerzekerd, a Dutch online insurance company. We placed stickers with huge scratches on expensive cars. Stickers could be easily removed, because they were printed on Static Paper. This paper has no glue on it and sticks due to static electricity. We filmed reactions of car owners with a hidden camera, placed the video on YouTube and invited blog readers to test the stickers on their friends.

Guerrilla marketing campaign for a car insurance - Scratches On Your Car

01 Solution – guerrilla marketing + static paper

Our objective was to build brand awareness for VrijVerzekerd, a Dutch car insurance company. And to tell how fast and easy their damage repair service is. Without a media budget. Novocortex decided to use guerrilla marketing tactics. We placed stickers with scratches on expensive cars in large cities. Scratches were printed on static paper, a low-tech innovation in Print advertising. Static paper sticks because it’s charged with static electricity. It has no glue on it, so the sticker can be easily removed. When you get closer to the car, you can read the sticker text: “Repairing your damages can be as easy as removing this sticker. Insure your car on and get a discount of 10-49%”.

02 Strategy – engagement

Novocortex filmed reactions of car owners with a hidden camera, placed the video on YouTube and sent a link to marketing and car weblogs. We invited blog readers to test the removable stickers on their colleagues and friends (to share the fun and because we love co-creation and crowdsourcing).

03 Results

– The video got about 10.000 views in its first month and achieved #29 in the YouTube ranking for the Most Viewed Humour Videos in the Netherlands (note: we never hid that it was an insurance ad). The hidden camera video has over 100.000 views now. Plus, our video about this guerrilla marketing campaign has 90.000 views.
– Our invitation to test stickers on your friends was published by about 20 blogs and online communities in the Netherlands and Belgium.
– The daily traffic on was 3 times higher than before the campagn, and the average time spent by visitors on the site increased by 20%.
– We ran out of stickers in two days. The stickers were spread by blog readers who wanted to play a practical joke on their friends, colleagues and even relatives.

Guerrilla marketing campaign Scratches On You Car - examples

These are examples of e-mails sent to us:
– “Great idea! I’d like to receive a couple of stickers. I want to see faces of my neighbours washing their cars on the street…”
– “My father is a car addict. He will be 55 soon, and I would like to surprise him in a playful way.”
– “Could you please send me your stickers, so I can place them on wrongly parked cars in my street?”
– “Our colleague will get a new lease car tomorrow. We thought it would be nice if his car got scratches on the very first day.”

04 Credits and awards

Guerrilla marketing campaign Scratches On Your Car won Gold of Creativity AwardsThe guerrilla marketing campaign Scratches On You Car was created by Novocortex in co-operation with Red Graphic. The campaign won Gold at the international Creativity Awards in the US. The campaign was included in the marketing study book for Dutch universities by Esther de Berg and in the book Guerrilla Advertising by Gavin Lucas. Scratches On Your Car was featured in many online articles, such as 10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns by Mashable and 25 Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns by SalesChase.

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