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Digital Strategy Audit of Novocortex increases results of your marketing efforts

Would you like to sell more products and services via online and mobile channels? Would you like to improve results of your digital marketing campaigns? Experts of Novocortex will help you to achieve your marketing objectives. By developing a successful digital strategy together with the management of your company. The main advantage of the Digital Strategy Audit by Novocortex is that you get tangible results. Higher brand awareness, more visitors to your site, higher conversion and sales rates. The Audit delivers results because we have worked both on the client and the agency side. And because we have over 10 years experience in digital marketing and over 20 years in offline & online marketing. Read below how the Audit works.

Digital Strategy Audit - digital strategy development by Novocortex

01 Deliverables of the Digital Strategy Audit

The Audit has two main objectives: improving effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and increasing sales of your products and services via digital channels. The main deliverable of the Audit is a clear and realistic marketing plan. This plan includes Top 10 implementation steps required to improve your digital marketing performance and increase sales in the next 6-12 months.

02 Benefits of the Digital Strategy Audit for you

The main advantage of the Digital Strategy Audit is that you get measurable results. More visitors to your site, higher conversion from visitors to buyers, more interaction with your customers, higher brand awareness. Our analysis and recommendations are based on more than 10 years experience of Novocortex with effective digital marketing campaigns in Western and Eastern Europe. So we know exactly what internet & mobile marketing instruments do work and what just don’t – from search engine marketing and online video to mobile apps and social media campaigns.

Our home market, the Netherlands, has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world (above 90%). Dutch companies spend over 30% of their budgets on digital marketing. So, you can benefit from our expertise gained in one of the most advanced digital markets in the world. Our second home market, where Novocortex has a representative office, is Russia, the country with the highest number of internet users in Europe.

03 Structure of the Digital Strategy Audit

The Audit consists of 3 in-company sessions + 7 to 10 homework days of our auditors:
1. In the first session, we will examine how digital media impact purchasing decisions made by your clients and influence their perception of your brand. We will show you what instruments of internet and mobile marketing work and what don’t, including examples and best practices from your industry.
2. In the second session, we will help you to define marketing and branding challenges your company is facing in the digital world. Then, we will determine what instruments of digital marketing should be used by your company to achieve your marketing objectives.
3. In the last session, we will develop a realistic marketing strategy together with the management of your company, including Top 10 measurable improvements that can be realized in the next 6-12 months.

04 Experience with Digital Strategy Audits and marketing strategy development

Digital Strategy Audit - clientsNovocortex has been performing Digital Strategy Audits and strategy workshops since 2005. We have worked in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Russia, Switzerland, Belarus and Turkey; for Automotive, Media, Insurance, Banking, Recruitment, FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Telecom companies.

We worked, among others, with Central European Media Enterprises (the leading TV broadcaster in Central and Eastern Europe), Rabobank (the Top 30 bank in the world), Independent Media / Sanoma Magazines (the largest publishing house in Russia), Mitsubishi Motors Europe / Turkey, Ebbinge (the Top 3 Dutch executive recruitment company), Yamaha Motor Russia / Europe, INTOUCH Insurance Russia (a direct insurer owned by Royal Sun Alliance from UK), Bank of Moscow and PSB (Top 10 banks in Russia), Jadran Galenski Laboratorij Croatia & Russia, Alstom Power Switzerland etc.

Need more information on advantages and deliverables of the Digital Strategy Audit for your company? Mail to contact[at] We speak English, Dutch and Russian.