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The best iPhone game for men – Big Apes Love Blondes

Big Apes Love Blondes for iPhone explores the unexplained love of big apes (and men) towards blondes. You can become a great ape in the game by catching runaway blondes and protecting them from savage enemies. You need to use both your brain and testosterone to keep as many blondes in your nest as possible. If you lose 3 blondes, the game is over.

iPhone game Big Apes Love Blondes

01 Animal testing of iPhone games

To examine the impact of blondes on men, we’ve tested this and some other iPhone games on gorillas. Note that we tried to avoid using animals in our tests, but our budget was insufficient to drop real blondes in the jungle. Animal testing revealed a strong connection between our game and intense excitement & deep satisfaction felt by participating apes. Side effects observed included anxiety, impulsive behaviour and hostility towards brunettes. Watch test results below.

02 Rules of Big Apes Love Blondes

Rules of the Big Apes Love Blondes games are simple and sound logical to any ape:
– Catch runaway blondes with two fingers (just like you pick breadcrumbs) and drag them to your nest.
– Kill your enemies by tapping the iPhone screen, otherwise they will steal your blondes.
– Keep as many blondes on screen as you can. If you lose 3 blondes, the game is over (sorry, but you must have heard of survival of the fittest).
– Receive 10 points for each level and 5 points for each blonde kept on screen.
– Be aware of brunettes! If you catch a brunette, you lose 10 points.
Watch the game demo below.

03 Credits and awards

The iPhone game Big Apes Love Blondes is a W3 Awards winnerThe game idea was created by PR2. The Big Apes Love Blondes game was developed by Novocortex and ScienceSoft. The game graphics were designed by Novocortex and Red Graphic in the film noir style. The music was written by DJ Mussorgsky. The Big Apes Love Blondes game received Silver in the Mobile Games category at the W3 Awards in USA.

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