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LIKES is a big, meaningful and powerful short film about social media

LIKES reveals the true reasons why we use social media. The truth we always knew but were afraid to admit. All you need is LIKES!

01 Cast and crew

Director: Serge Fenenko.
Writer: Artem Golikov.
Cast: Natali Prosvetova, Dimitri Ivanov, Evgeniya Timonova.
Production: Novocortex (Netherlands-Russia) in co-operation with the Just Like Other Animals (Все как у зверей) channel.

02 The making of LIKES

Our behind-the-scenes video shows if men are able to fake a Facebook orgasm, and how many actors were cast for the main role.

03 Production details

The Facebook list of favourite films in the opening scene includes Last Tango in Paris by Bernardo Bertolucci, Histoire d’O by Just Jaeckin, Jamón Jamón by Bigas Luna, 9 1/2 weeks by Adrian Line and Basic Instinct by Paul Verhoeven.
A status update used in this short film is the actual script of LIKES posted by Artem Golikov on his Facebook page. Numbers of Likes and Shares in the film correspond to their real numbers on Facebook.
Mi3ch is one of the most influential bloggers in Russia. And Yes, Mi3ch left a big, meaningful and engaging comment on Facebook. Of course, he firmly liked the film.

LIKES - short comedy film about Facebook