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Online advertising games for banks and insurances – Flying Elephants, Pays Me, Pays Me Not, Short Memory Game

In 2007-2010, Novocortex created a number of online advertising games for banks and insurance companies. We have selected 4 games that were awarded on international advertising festivals – Flying Elephants for VV Insurance, Pays Me, Pays Me Not for Interpolis Insurance, Short Memory Game for Rabobank International and Replacement Car for Intouch Insurance.

Online advertising games for banks insurance companies

01 Online game for VV Insurance – Flying Elephants

The new home insurance of VrijVerzekerd offers the all-risk coverage. All-risk means that any damages to your house coming from outside are covered. Our online game illustrates that VrijVerzekerd protects your home from any natural (and unnatural) disasters. Move an umbrella with your mouse to protect our national heritage – the Amsterdam canal houses! The game won Gold at Horizon Interactive Awards in the US and Silver Apple in Russia, game design & programming: Red Graphic. You need Flash to play this and other games shown on this webpage.


02 Online game for Interpolis – Pays Me, Pays Me Not

Debtors Comfort Plan of Interpolis is the insurance policy protecting companies against non-payment risks. The main problem with non-payments – you never know in advance who will pay your invoices and who won’t. Even the most reliable debtors can have liquidity problems or even go bankrupt. Test your intuition by playing our Pays Me, Pays Me Not game. Your objective is to get all your invoices paid. Just like in real life. This game won Silver Apple in Russia, game programming: Red Graphic.


03 Online game for Rabobank International – Short Memory Game

This game is part of an online campaign for a new banking portal of Rabobank International. Can you remember all the passwords you use on the internet? Test your memory by playing our Short Memory Game. And discover that you can access all online services of Rabobank with the single PIN code. This game was awarded on the Golden Award of Montreux festival in Switzerland, game programming: Red Graphic.


04 Online game for Intouch Insurance Russia – Replacement Car

Novocortex created an online racing game for Intouch Insurance Russia. The game advertised a new service of Intouch – the replacement car (Intouch was the first insurance company in Russia to offer that). The game explains that if your car can’t drive after an accident, Intouch will provide you with a replacement car. The Replacement Car game was published on a website of Intouch and embedded in banners that run on car sites. The average click rate of the game-banner was 2,7% with peaks up to 7,75%. The game received Silver on KIAF in Ukraine, game programming: Red Graphic.


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