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Online videos, TV commercials and virals created by Novocortex

Importance of video for internet marketing is growing, as people prefer (moving) images to long stories. Just look in the news feed of your Facebook page, and you’ll see a lot of images and quite few words. In the early days of Novocortex, we made Flash banners and online advertising games for our clients. Today, we use video to tell the brand’s story in 1 minute and to connect with viewers on an emotional level. Watch selected virals, video reports and TV commercials created by Novocortex.

Online videos, virals, tv commercials created by Novocortex

01 Discover alien technology in this online video for Marketingfacts

Novocortex made this top secret alien video for Marketingfacts, the most popular marketing e-zine in the Netherlands, in 2007. Marketingfacts publishes the Yearbook with the best marketing cases of the year. Watch how aliens draw inspiration from the Marketingfacts Yearbook to break their daily routine of kidnappings and making crop circles. Video production partner: il Luster Films.

02 Watch live coverage of the World Championship Jala Neti

In order to launch a nose cleansing set of Aqua Maris in Russia, we created a new sport – Competitive Nose Cleansing. We established the International Federation of Jala Neti in Lausanne and organized the World Championship Jala Neti in Amsterdam (Jala Neti is the yoga name for nose cleansing). Then, we put live coverage of the 5 Litre Men’s Final, won by the defending champion Fedor Konyukhov of Russia, on YouTube. Two versions of this viral video (Russian and international) got over 1.000.000 views on YouTube. Video production partner: Wefilm.

03 Watch the 1st video of Just Like Other Animals series: Lion – Animal-asshole

Novocortex produced and directed video series Just Like Other Animals (Все как у зверей). Just Like Other Animals tells stories on the origin of people, written and presented by Evgeniya Timonova, biologist by education and writer by chance. Watch selected videos with English subtitles. Или посмотрите все выпуски видеоколонки “Все как у зверей” на русском.

04 Watch TV commercial Sea Is Always At Your Reach

If traditional agencies can make mobile apps, why can’t digital agencies create TV commercials? Yes, we can. We were bound to a concept developed by Siegel+Gale for Aqua Maris with a family protected by a seawater drop. We added beauty of the Adriatic sea and the Velebit mountains and a bottle of seawater taken by a child back to Moscow. Watch the Sea Is Always At Your Reach commercial broadcasted in Russia and Ukraine. Video production partner: StreetBeat.

05 Watch reports about The Best Job In Russia from Croatia

We produced video reports about the Best Job In Russia campaign in Croatia. The goal of this campaign was to find a brand ambassador for Aqua Maris who could show and explain how Aqua Maris is made. We filmed the contest in Moscow and made 4 video reports about the winner in Croatia, edited on-the-go (mostly at night in our hotel rooms). The video reports range from searching for bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic sea to explaining the production process of Aqua Maris. See the Best Job In Russia campaign video. Video production partner: StreetBeat.