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Enjoy Salieri, the poisoned mineral water. Best served to award winners

Novocortex created this new brand of mineral water for delegates of advertising festivals. We noticed that during award ceremonies some delegates developed the same emotions as Antonio Salieri about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So, we decided to provide them with Salieri – the first poisoned mineral water in the world. Best served to award winners.

Salieri - poisoned mineral water for award winners

01 Interactive Salieri stickers

Salieri poisoned mineral water - stickersOf course, we did not poison anyone. We wanted to incourage interaction between delegates of advertising festivals and further develop our guerrilla marketing skills. Novocortex created a new brand of mineral water for advertising festivals: “Salieri. Poisoned mineral water. Best served to award winners”. We printed the Salieri stickers that can be put on any bottle, turning boring mineral water into a deadly revenge weapon. If you want to test how Salieri works, e-mail us and we will send you the stickers.


02 Read truth about Mozart and Salieri before poisoning anyone

Antonio SalieriAccording to Encyclopedia Britannica, “there is no foundation for the belief that Salieri tried to poison Mozart” – a legend that was used by Pushkin in his story, Rimsky-Korsakov in his opera and Forman in his movie. Antonio Salieri (1750-1825) was one of the most important and well-known musicians of his time. He was a teacher to many famous composers, including Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Liszt and Franz Schubert. Watch one of his operas on YouTube.

03 Still want to poison someone? There are aternatives to Salieri

Most poisonous plant on EarthThe most poisonous plant on Earth is castor beans. Seeds, leaves and stems of the plant contain ricin and ricinine, which are poisonous to humans and animals. Seeds of the plant were used to produce oil. The Egyptians burned castor oil in their lamps about 4000 years ago. Nowadays, the plant can be found in many city parks and other public places. Can you recommend other strong natural poisons? Mail us your idea and we’ll improve our product.

04 Put Salieri stickers at work on advertising festivals

If you are afraid to be the first person ever who has poisoned the whole creative department, don’t worry. We have successfully introduced Salieri on various international advertising festivals – from Amsterdam to Moscow. The bottle of Salieri was spotted on stage during awards ceremonies, on press conferences and even on festival parties. So, get our Salieri stickers, buy local mineral water, paste stickers on bottles. And we guarantee you plenty of interaction!

Salieri poisoned mineral water on advertising festivals