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Social media marketing campaign for Aqua Maris – The Best Job In Russia

The Croatian company JGL asked Novocortex to do a brand activation campaign for their Aqua Maris brand in Russia. The campaign had two main messages: Aqua Maris is the only nasal spray in Russia made of the Adriatic seawater, and Aqua Maris is made by experts after decades of reseach on health benefits of seawater. We decided that the Aqua Maris story should be told in Croatia by a person who uses and really likes the brand. In order to find the brand ambassador for Aqua Maris, we organized the Best Job In Russia contest in social media.

Participants in the social media marketing campaign - The Best Job In Russia

01 Contest The Best Job In Russia

First of all, we published scientific articles about health benefits of seawater on a website of the Institute Aqua Maris, sponsored by JGL. Then, we organized the Best Job In Russia contest to find the brand ambassador who could tell the story of Aqua Maris in social media. His or her official job title was Consultant of the Institute. Main requirements to the Consultant – ready to sail, dive, swim in the Adriatic sea and able to describe his/her work in Croatia in social media.

Read about the social media marketing campaign The Best Job In Russia in Russian

The Institute Aqua Maris received 899 applications (see photos of participants above). Contestants mobilized over 100.000 friends and followers in Russian social media (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook). Video motivations of the best candidates, selected after job interviews with the most popular participants, were placed on YouTube. Authors of the most convincing motivations reached the final in Moscow. In the first stage, 3 finalists did a blind smell test. In the second stage, they needed to show their communication skills by convincing random passers-by to cleanse their nose with seawater. Evgeniya Timonova won the contest and went to Croatia.

02 Reports about Aqua Maris from Croatia

In Croatia, Evgeniya made video reports about her work – from finding shark eggs and searching for bottlenose dolphins in the open sea to analyzing seawater samples in the Institute’s lab and explaining the production process of Aqua Maris. A quote from the Evgeniya’s final report: “I can’t say that I liked my job. Because it will sound like buying a zoo ticket, getting an African wildlife safari instead and saying after that – I liked it. It was really incredible. In-cre-dible. // Не могу сказать, что мне понравилось. Потому что это будет как купить билет в зоопарк, попасть по нему на настоящее кенийское сафари и потом сказать – Мне понравилось. Было невероятно офигенно. О-фи-генно.” Watch a video about the social media campaign Best Job In Russia.

03 Results

The Best Job In Russia campaign reached over one million of Russians. We managed to involve over 200.000 people in a dialogue with the brand (this number is based on the stats of Google Analytics and YouTube Insight). Aqua Maris decided to use videos filmed in Croatia in its brand communications – on a website, on YouTube and in TV commercials. Searching “лучшая работа в россии” (the best job in russia) in Google and Yandex leads you to information about our social media campaign. Credits: strategy and campaign management – Novocortex, digital production partner – Red Graphic, video production partner – StreetBeat.

04 Other social media campaigns by Novocortex

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