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Internet marketing campaign to launch Rabo PinBox on the Dutch market

In 2007, Novocortex developed marketing strategy for the market introduction of Rabo PinBox, a plug-and-play PIN automate of Rabobank Netherlands. We invited clients of Rabobank to explain how Rabo PinBox helped them in their business. We shared unpolished stories and not photoshopped photos online. This user generated advertising was so convincing that Rabobank sold over 1.000 PinBoxes within 5 months.

Rabo PinBox - photos of shop owners

01 Campaign strategy

Rabo PinBox is a payment terminal that can be rented from Rabobank for a small fixed fee. Quite handy for small businesses that want to accept bank cards, but don’t want to spend hundreds of euros to buy the terminal. Our objective was to market Rabo PinBox to owners of small local businesses, such as fashion shops, convenience stores, hairdressers, groceries etc. This is one of the most difficult target groups to reach and convince, as they don’t believe ads, glossy brochures and polished stories. That’s why Novocortex decided to communicate true stories told by real people who have used Rabo PinBox and liked it.

02 Marketing instruments

First of all, we encouraged account managers of local bank offices of Rabobank to ask their clients why they chose Rabo PinBox and how the product helped their business. The best client stories were rewarded – winners could use Rabo PinBox one year free of charge. We put the most convincing stories and photos online and mailed them to local business owners who didn’t have a card terminal yet. In addition, we placed big cardboard boxes with these stories at local bank offices, where shop owners deposited cash at the end of a day. We provided bank offices of Rabobank with advertising templates for local newspapers, where they could insert pictures of their PinBox clients. The ads said that “Rabobank is proud to announce that Store X accepts all bank cards” and were aimed at competing stores that did not offer this service yet.

Rabo PinBox - banner on a website of Rabobank

03 Results

Client stories gave us unexpected insights. For instance, we discovered that Rabo PinBox was quite popular with dantists, because they could charge patients with acute toothache right after treatment, instead of sending them an invoice and waiting to get paid. The user generated ads on the internet, in bank offices and in local newspapers were so convincing that Rabobank sold more than 1.000 PinBoxes within 5 months. To celebrate the 1.000st PinBox sold by Rabobank, we sent a billboard car to a town where the 1.000st PinBox shop was located (Pakhuis Bloemen & Kunst in Maassluis).

Rabo PinBox - 1000st product sold

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