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Watch Just Like Other Animals (Все как у зверей) – videos on the origin of people

Novocortex produced the YouTube channel Just Like Other Animals (Все как у зверей). Just Like Other Animals explores biological roots of human behaviour and tells stories about the origin of people, written and presented by Evgeniya Timonova and directed by Serge Fenenko. Visit “Все как у зверей” on YouTube or watch selected videos with English subtitles below. Let’s start with our most popular video “How to rule the world using altruism, patriotism and other animal instincts”.

01 Homo sapiens – homosexuality in animals and humans

There are many funny statements on homosexuality. But the funniest we’ve ever heard is “Homosexuality is against nature.” Nature would also laugh, would it be able to. 1500 animal species display homosexual behaviour, from dragonflies and lizards to elephants and deer. Let’s explore, why nature, animals and humans need homosexuality.

02 Why are we naked?

We know that humans are naked apes. The ape part is simple, as our genus is Homo, the family is Hominidae, the suborder is Haplorhini and the order is Primates. But why are we naked?

03 Sexual selection – what women want

In this programme, we discuss how female whims rule the world, why attractive women behave like males, what would happen if men would learn to give birth, and why a bone has disappeared from the human penis.

04 How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

Traditionally, males are considered to be polygamous by nature, whereas females are monogamous and prefer to have one quality partner for life. However, real life shows that women recklessly break that tradition.

05 Does true love exist?

While people keep debating if true love really exists, some organisms have learnt to turn every love affair into eternal love. These creatures might not look like hero-lovers. Insensitive people might even call them blood suckers and parasites. But as William Shakespeare rightly said: “True love looks not with the eyes, true love looks with the heart”. Even if it’s a tubular heart of a parasitic worm.

06 Evolutionary roots of love

Why do men love weak women? What have lovers learnt from birds? Why do dogs always aim at your lips with their drooling tongue? How can pedomorphs defeat pedophiles in the near future? Find answers to all these questions in our most child friendly programme.

07 Some Like It Hot – Cross-dressed cuttlefish

In order to win the heart of a female, males often exaggerate their reproductive qualities. They pretend to be bigger, stronger and more successful than their opponents. But what to do when chest beating doesn’t help, because there are stronger males around? In this case, a male can seduce a female by getting in touch with his feminine side.

Watch all Just Like Other Animals programmes with English subtitles on our YouTube channel.